Spirit Medicine crew consisting of two musicians and artists Maria "MZ" and Albert "Alexxdrum". We are engaged in a variety of things related to the psychedelic subculture and underground culture - we do experimental trance-industrial music material as studio and live project "Spirit Medicine", and also we create a wide fluorescent backdrops as part of our artistic and conceptual project "Hyper Icons" which we use as a decoration parties and festivals. If you want to invite us to participate in some events plz review all the materials that we have presented on this site and contact us, we will be glad to cooperate and participate!


organizing art-actions & parties
art-design project "Hyper Icons"
music project "Spirit Medicine"
creation of handmade psyshop production
creation psychedelic web and graphic design production
and DJ activity as - dj MZ, dj Alexxdrum

Pax - Shanti - Peace - ShalOm!

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